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At the present-day Vecmoku estate located in the area of Tukums, village Tume. In 1460 it was named like „Moiven Hof” as a property of the Holy Order Livonia. In the year 1536 two farms in Mokas were hired by Philip von der Bruggen (Philipp von der Brüggen). Vecmoku estate was mentioned in 1544.

Vecmokas is the place where Heaven comes to Earth in an imperceptible manner. The world of fairy-tales becomes so close to reality and all nature – trees, stones and everything revive. And the most beautiful phenomenon is man's awakening. As if becoming free from the present world stuck in stresses, useless haste and lie to oneself and others. All essential become clear and simple here at least for one moment... It is a real place where to search the Great Peace...”

The Vecmokas will be the place for real and unreal projects, practical and cultural events, essential and less than essential occurrences. Vecmokas will be an ecologically pure innovation deposit for any person with positive attitude towards creation, accumulation and exchange of new ideas, works and energies. The place where everyone wishing to think in a clear manner could individually find the happiness synergy between mighty Latvian nature and his trivial personality.

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Tumes pagasts
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