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At the present-day Vecmoku estate located in the area of Tukums, village Tume. In 1460 it was named like „Moiven Hof” as a property of the Holy Order Livonia. In the year 1536 two farms in Mokas were hired by Philip von der Bruggen (Philipp von der Brüggen). Vecmoku estate was mentioned in 1544.

In 16-th and 17-th centuries Vecmokas was a property of duke, it was part of Ozolmuiza estate and was mortgaged.

In 1753 estate was rented by landlord of Piltene Eberhard Christopher von Medem(Eberhard Christopher von Medem). At the same tame there was built new house, which costed more than 400 thalers of Albert country.

In 1785 estate fell into von der Brigen heirloom hands but starting with 1838 till 1924 it was patrimonial estate of von Oelsen (von Oelsen).

Still it’s not exactly clear, who was an architect.It is considered that manor-house in 18-th century was designed by architect Severin Jensen. The household building, horse stalbes of estate were made in manner of T. Zeiler.

In 1920 estate was nationalized. Owners of the center were heirloom of Elzeni till 1939. After emigration of barons local government of village discussed about possibility to open a school inVecmokas. As the war was begining, it was not done.

In 1941 in the middle of the estate there was placed German concentration camp. Later it was transformed as a labour camp. Castle was destroyed in 1944 when the Soviet army was capture Tukums for a while.

Till the nowadays there are survived ruins of manor-houses and few household buildings. It is few years now that park of Vecmokas estate is cultivated. In that park are many exotic species.

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